53.9230° N, 3.0150° W by Andrew Mellor

This series examines both the temporal and perennial states of human activity on one of the North’s foremost fishing towns, encompassing industrial decline and social impact. Exploring the relationship between landscape, identity and broader social issues. It concerns the meaning and significance of places for their inhabitants and users. The project involves a process of walking and investigation and is a significant factor in the creation of the work.  


53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_01 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_02 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_03 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_04 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_05

Identity is defined as the qualities of a place that are recognised or distinct from other places. Place and identity are inextricably bound to one another. The two are co-produced as people come to identify with where they live.


53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_06 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_07 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_08 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_09 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_10

The narratives we hold from the memories of those places shape us. Exploring the relationship between place and identity deepens our understandings of identity formation and the role of place in social and psychological development. The bonds between place and identity can influence social formations, cultural practices, and political actions.


53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_11 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_12 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_13 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W_Andrew_Mellor_14 (1)

Andrew Mellor is a photographer based in Blackpool in the North West of England. His photography explores natural and man-made environments, and the interaction between the two with concerns over how we use the landscape and the social and political issues surrounding it. Often exploring change and human impact. he is drawn to ordinary places, seeking to find interest in everyday spaces.

His work is spontaneous and involves a process of walking and investigation and is a significant factor in the creation of the work. 

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