aye is an independent online art magazine based in Montreal with curated and exclusive content. We showcase rad creative individuals with a focus on emerging artists, both locally or internationally. We are especially attentive to people who take the risk to live their own reality and express their voice through art and writing. We have a soft spot for contemporary and film photography.

aye is a reflection on the influence of modern visual culture. We’re aiming to be a collaborative platform to share boundary-pushing ideas and promote diversity. It’s an evolving idea.

Photography and culture are, to us, the best way to understand the complex human experience and explore its different issues. Through this platform we want to constantly redefine our perceptions and explore the role of creativity in our society.


Ausgang Plaza – Festival SOIR – 2018

La Factry – ANALOG/MTL 3rd edition – 2018

Café Moustache – Festival SOIR – 2017

Matahari Loft – ANALOG/MTL 1st and 2nd ed. – 2016, 2017

Mezcal Collective – B A C K Y A R D Vol. 2 – 2017

Ruelle Verte Montréal – B A C K Y A R D Vol. 1 – 2018


Journal Métro – Reportage : Pas juste pour «flasher», la photographie argentique – 2018

Journal Métro – Article : Pas juste pour «flasher», la photographie argentique, by Alexis Boulianne – 2018

CHOQ fm – Carnets Photographiques, Interview Vol.1, May 28 – 2018

VOIR.ca – AYE MAG : L’innovation dans l’échange, by Jeanne Séguin – 2017