‘Adam’ by Elena Cremona and Adam Popli : a series and art performance on our relationship with Earth

Elena Cremona and Adam Popli are a collaborative duo who  have come together to create works of art inspired by their love of the planet and the immediate need to preserve Nature.


Through both mediums of photography & performance art they challenge their audience to delve deep into conscious regarding Mans relationship with the planet earth. Modern culture and society is moving into a new era, a system driven by power, money and exploitation, where greed seems to be put above the well-being of our planet. Elena and Adam find it important to use their work as a form of communication, to draw attention to the severity of environmental damage and degradation of natural resources – to awaken consciousness and create a sense of awareness and respect for our irreplaceable landscapes; to not only challenge the mind set of society, but to evoke an emotional and tactical connection between Man and Nature.


The performance piece invites the audience to reflect on their individual responsibilities towards Mother Earth and what it means to be a part of nature rather than apart from it.


Dressed in white, Adam boldly stands solitary within the empty landscape, holding two polystyrene heads as a statement for the current state which humanity has reached – an irreversible stage of natural degradation and exploitation. Adam twists and turns, posing in eerie looking postures, relating directly to the un-natural changes Man has established on Nature, holding high a female and male head and covering his face, allowing the performance piece to be gender-less and ambiguous.

Adam_04 Adam_05 Adam_06


Elena Cremona, was born in 1991 in Munich, Germany to an Italian father and a German mother. Experiencing different cultures, societies and landscapes have shaped the person she is today.
The content of her work centers around environmental and landscape coverage, bringing issues around Climate Change into focus, as well as shooting social documentary photography.

To see more of Elena’s work check out her WEBSITEINSTAGRAM