An anti Trump protest in San Jose, CA. – by Aaron Godwin



When it comes to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, it’s a subject that’s hard to stay indifferent about. Considering the huge amount of media coverage his campaign has received, it’s easy to see that people either strongly support him or are fully opposed to Trump’s candidacy. You’ve probably often heard about Anti-Trump protests, but what really happens during these gatherings?

Aaron Goodwin, 22, assisted such a protest in San Jose, California, and managed to shoot some incredibly poignant photos through the agitated crowd.





” I’m 22, and moved to the Bay Area last year. My style is highly influenced by William Klein and Daido Moriyama. Klein’s photos of “Gun 1 and 2” were the first true fine art street photos I had ever seen. I thought, “wow, can you actually take pictures like this?’ ’How do I do that?!” For the past year I’ve dedicated multiple days a week to photographing on the street to develop my style as much as strongly as possible. From there on, my passion has always been in street photography, and now photo journalism as well. My end goal is that I’d like to photograph conflict or war zones. “
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