AN AYE ON: Jeremy B.

All the pictures were shot on a contax g1 and a disposable camera.
They will be part of a small zine called “Lost in Cuba” and all the profits will go to a Cuban family. 
”I got the idea when I was on a trip to Varadero a few years back with my family in an all inclusive resort. I was talking with one of the workers there who told me he was from a poor neighbourhood in Matenzas. Having only been to resorts I never actually realized how poor the country was. I then decided to go back to Cuba… only this time I would live life as a real cuban.” – Jeremy

”I spent 60 days living with cuban families and traveled to Cienfuegos, Baracoa, Havana, Santa Marta, Trinidad, Vinales and Matenzas. After meeting a lot of different people and families I decided that I would send all profits back to a family I met in Trinidad.  Last year they lost their husband/father in a car accident.”