An AYE On: Stefan Jovanović

“The photographs in this selection are all mobile phone snapshots of things I walk by every day.”



” I never owned a digital camera so I usually carry around a small analogue point-and-shoot and my phone. I think that because I never invested a lot of money in taking pictures, I never really considered myself a photographer. This made it easier for me to just use photography as a part of what I do and cross it with printmaking and collages. In a way, not wanting to fully commit to being a photographer lead me to being more comfortable with the medium. “



Stefan Jovanović is a multimedia artist based in Serbia. He finished bachelor studies of new media art and is currently completing a master’s degree in printmaking. Stefan’s work often shifts from medium to medium. He uses photography, collage, printmaking and video to capture and react to whatever environment he’s in. Allowing his work to move from one form to another, he is trying to create a visual language capable of being transposed through mediums and enhanced through diptychs, a form of presenting most natural to him.

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