The Lemon People Collective

Flesh, bodies, sex and labels. – Steph Wilson

Stephanie Wilson

Photo: Stephanie Wilson

Interview with Steph Wilson. Founder and one of the member of the London-based collective Lemon People.
Where do you live:
What do you do:
What were you in your past life?
I don’t believe I had a past life. If I did I’d like it to have been something shit like a turnip or a slug.

Photo: Laura Little

Who are the Lemon People?
We’re an arts collective mainly based in London
What made you want to start a collective? How did it all started?
We needed a space to put our work, and wanted an excuse to keep creating new work with one another. I guess it formalised our friendship group as a bunch of professional creatives with an end goal of making our creative practise our livelihood.
Stephanie Wilson 2

Photo: Stephanie Wilson

What inspired you recently?
Working in collaboration with one of my good friends and fellow Lemon, Alice Zoo.
Recurring theme(s) in your work:
Flesh, bodies, sex and labels.
What was your favorite project you’ve worked on with the collective?
The recent collaboration (as mentioned above) with Alice Zoo is probably my favourite project as far as actual enjoyment whilst shooting goes. A recent editorial I have shot contains some of my favourite images to date I think, along with selected images such as the tits in the pink satin, and LouLou balanced on two plant pots. I like them ’cause they’re sexy.

Photo: Kamila K. Stanley

What are you working on at the moment?
A number of things which I shouldn’t mention due to confidenciality! A few editorials, and commissioning work for another new project.
Your dream project for the Lemon People:
A short film, which isn’t so much a dream itself but dreaming of the time which we can afford to do it in…!
Which artist aesthetic inspires you the most ?
I’ll be boring and be honest and say Egon Shiele, Harley Weir and Viviane Sassen.

Photo: Kamila K. Stanley

Your idea of creativity:
Making an idea visual and shareable
Your idea of beauty:
Something that draws you in and keeps you there
Your philosophy as a collective:
We don’t have one yet, and I wouldn’t feel right in coming up with one by myself. We’re still growing and the philosophy will tell us itself is when it’s ready. For now we’re just supporting and helping one another in each of our own creative practises.


Can you talk about the picture of the pink vagina?
I found a faux fur pink scarf and created a faux vagina, all on a whim and as a total joke… The fact it’s gained so much attention is seriously hilarious…

Photo: Alice Zoo

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