Artist Interview : Marz

…explore places and be surrounded by the unknown and unexpected. – Marz

Where do you live:
In Montreal
Where were you born:
I was born in Mexico but I grew up here in Montreal.
What do you do?
Finishing up my bachelor’s degree in design at Concordia University and working odd jobs here and there.
Your present state of mind:


Your creative process:
I usually sketch out ideas for poses if I’m shooting with a model and write down or sketch ideas for what kind of mood I want to convey but then the day of shoot arrives and I just scrap it aaaaallll. I just tend to shoot without too much planning and get inspired by the environment and available light at the location. But when it comes to personal stuff I think  my creative process surges from looking and admiring what’s around me.
What inspired you recently?
When I look at the work of photographers or other artists who I love I always find inspiration and motivation to express myself and portray my personal experience.
Recurring theme(s) in your work:
I have no idea! But I do tend to take pictures of either my hands or of the people I shoot with and I’ve noticed I take lots of close up shots.


What’s your favorite photo you’ve ever taken  and why?
I don’t have a favorite photo but I do have a favorite set of portraits that I’ve had the most fun shooting. In the summer of 2014 I was in Tapei and shot with a very cool dude named Jay Walker. We just met one day and walked around in different neighborhoods. I had a blast.
What captivates you the most in people you shoot?
Their personality
Your dream project:
My dream project is to live and work as a photographer in China and Japan and publish photo books on several projects that I have in mind.


Your idea of creativity:
Is to explore places and be surrounded by the unknown and unexpected.
Your idea of beauty:
Comical, spontaneous and colorful
The question(s) you wish I asked you ?
These were pretty good.

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