AYE ON: The work of Marc-André Spackman

My style is a optimized mix of my feelings and the personality of whom i’m shooting with.


I get to know the person a little before shooting so it’s becomes more of a share than just a shoot. It makes me and the model more comfortable and helps my fall into the creative vibes.
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All my photos are shot on film, developed and scanned by me.  The thing with film photography is that you manipulate your film, rather than sit in front of your computer and modify photos on lightroom. I’ve tried nearly all of the kinds of film on the current market and AGFA and Kodak to me have always been a foot in front of every filmmaker. If I could give a tip to anyone who wants to start shooting film it would be, to learn to read and understand light. that’s the first thing you should learn. Just get out there and have fun with it!

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