Badly repaired cars – by Ronni Campana


Badly Repaired Cars is a bright, bold and humorous documentation of some of the best (or worst) examples of DIY car repairs. 


– Ronni Campana




With the series Badly Repaired Cars, Ronni Campana uses photography to celebrate some of the ridiculous DIY repairs on cars that we’ve all witnessed one time or another — perhaps even in our daily commute. Apart from its unique context, Campana’s images are an ode to bright colours & sharp composition that becomes the perfect material for Instagram, enticing you to immediately go and follow the photographer’s account to see more of what he has to offer.


Close up photographs of cars held together by tape, plastic and glue fill each frame and begin to take on the qualities of abstract art. A strip of duct tape across a broken headlight becomes powerfully graphic in form; green plastic hanging from a door divides the frame like a Rothko colour wash.





Born in Milan in 1987, photographer Ronni Campana specialises in photographing the world’s minute imperfections. By concentrating on details in his surrounding environment and framing contrasting colour and shapes, he uncovers an abstract beauty in seemingly mundane objects. With the use of subtle humour and a bright flash he draws our attention to the wonderful flaws found in everyday life.

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All images © Ronny Campana