Bring Him to the Lobster Roll, by analog photographer Delphine Lewis



Bring Him to the Lobster Roll is a photo-documentary series by Delphine Lewis, a Montreal-based analog photographer.

” Bring Him to the Lobster Rolls is a visual narration of a road trip I took to Prince Edward Islands in August with my grandfather. He’s 93, and has always wanted to see the Island, to taste its seafood, and to admire its diverse, impressive, and colorful landscapes. Inspired by my grandfather’s fascination with Prince Edward Island, this series captures portraits of landscapes that caught us off guard, and that neither of us had ever seen anywhere else. “








“My primary interests are portraiture and fashion photography. My practice depends on my collaboration with other people, which is one of the many reasons why I value photography as an art form, and understand it as a tool to connect individuals, at least for a moment in time.”
Delphine Lewis
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