Distância – a Brazilian diary by Elsa Kostic

Distância, is an “on-the-road” project which is based on the distance.

-Elsa Kostic 


“The project Distância is about contrast because, at the same time, I felt close to the Brazilian culture and I also couldn’t get closer to these people I was so much fascinated by. It shows city life style and more isolated one, but in the same type of social class because for me, it was the richest one in term of culture.”


Elsa Kostic is born and raised in Paris, where she studied graphic design. After her graduation, she spent one year in Berlin where she was working between graphic design and photography. She recently came back from Brazil where she spent 6 months traveling in the whole country. She captured her deep experience through many different projects. Here, one of them talks about how the distance she first felt made her close and obsessed by the Brazilian culture.
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