”Dump Him” by Ella Miller is a stylized reaction to exploitative depictions of women

 Grounded in discourses on feminism, the concept of the female body, and my understanding of how these two manifest within contemporary photography and digital media, “Dump Him” is at once a reaction to exploitative depictions of women and an effort to separate femininity from the institutionalized masculine eye. In particular, I’ve reimagined the female nude by literally disassembling the female body and shifting the focus onto its various parts in an attempt to create something other worldly. The result is visceral: a visual narrative that, picture by picture, strips away the pretense of flawlessness and pulls us back into our bodies.
1back4 baggy (1) bodyglow2-Recovered
As much as this project is a political effort, it is also an experiment in lighting and space. Inspired by videographers in the vein of Gregg Araki, I’ve staged my series within highly stylized environments. By bathing my subjects in near-monochromatic, noxious light, or placing them within the digital landscapes that so define my generation, I’ve created creatures of fever dreams, bodies contorted and grotesque, fractal and provocative. It is important to note that my definition of “female” and my brand of feminism extend to include transfeminine and gender non-conforming bodies and identities. Some of the women I feature identify under this umbrella, and I hope to continue to challenge ideas of the body by represent wide variety. I plan to continue this series and create new works that encourage women of all shapes and colors to wear their skin—and their scars—without apology.

body dessglow Screen shot 2016-07-18 at 11.19.19 PM armpool