‘East to West; Round & Round’ – by Jessica Sheila

This is a series looking at lights transient moments as the day comes and goes. How those brief moments are on the constant brink of change and transformation, drawing its way across the surfaces of our everyday. How surfaces change their appearance as the light traces over them, their moving shadows.

– Jessica Sheila



‘Another underlying theme within this series is to consider the cycle of life, and to think about the constant loup that life is on. Moving from day to night, the motion of the earth, life and death and so on. Lights transient moments are just as brief and beautiful as those of life.’


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‘This series is located in Florida, USA, in various parts of the state, on the east side, central and on the west. I was fascinated with the colors and the everyday sunshine. Quite different from Eastern Canada, where i’m from.’


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Jessica Sheila is from Nova Scotia, Canada. She was born in the small fishing community of Parkers Cove into a 3rd generation fishing family. Philosophies looking at the vastness and depths of the ocean play large roles in the overall influence, style and concepts of her work; as well as the rurality of her youth and adolescence. The landscape where she grew up has been very influential, especially in terms of inspiration, creation, staying connected with and humble to, and in understanding the simplicities/complexities within the circle of life. She is currently based in Toronto, Ontario and is working with photography in both analogue and digital. She dabbles in fashion, still life and personal projects.

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