Fotomonday: ⋀ by Mikaela Lungulov-Klotz

With “Fotomonday“, each week we showcase the work of women photographers from around the world.



We were born as twin sisters to a Serbian father and Chilean mother in New York City, in 1994. Our parents separated when we were about a year old, since then our lives have been punctuated by constant change. We grew up in between Chile, the U.S. and Serbia; always switching from countries, schools, friends, cities, houses and families.

My twin came out as a trans man, and decided to start the transition process immediately. This work explores what this transition means in regards to our relationship as twins and our transient identities, what it means to care for someone, to listen, to respect, and to trust. It explores the reality of a transition and how it ties into the concept of a home. Our bodies and our relationships become our self-inflicted homes, through which we take control and self determine. I hope to explore the phenomenological experience as well as the metaphysical one, seeking answers as to the confusion that our imaginary definitions and their subsequent ruptures cause us, and how this change is a terrifying but beautiful one.




Mikaela Lungulov-Klotz (b.1994) is a chilean photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been recently exhibited in the group show “DAYBREAK: New Affirmations in Queer Photography” at the Leslie Lohman Museum in NYC.

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All images and text © Mikaela Lungulov-Klotz