Fotomonday: Except the Clouds – by Bérangère Fromont

With “Fotomonday“, each week we showcase the work of women photographers from around the world.



Athens is an oxymoron city. Its flamboyant mythological heritage coexists with its dark and dramatic political-economic situation. Its sun shines with a thousand lights but crushes its streets. It is a blinding light that reveals its violence and its twilight faces. And yet we feel a life force much more intense than elsewhere. The idea of resistance takes on its full meaning. Bodies tirelessly rise up to face the chaos of history as one. In permanent revolution.

My project is to give an account of this oxymoron in images, but also of the complexity of the contemporary in its different temporal layers. With this phrase of Walter Benjamin always in mind, as an invisible and obsessive thread, seek light in the ruins of Attica. « In a landscape where nothing was recognizable, except the clouds, and in the middle, in a field of forces crossing tensions and destructive explosions, the tiny and fragile human body ».




Bérangère Fromont is a french photographer. Born in Martigues in 1975, she lives and works in Paris. She studied film and literature at the Sorbonne.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the world, among them le festival Circulation(s), le festival Manifesto, les Boutographies, le Prix de la Maison Blanche, the Busan International Photography Festival, Photonai, le Festival Photo Saint Germain, le Centre d’Art contemporain de Nîmes, Thessaloniki Biennale and shown in various web and paper publications (Americansuburbx, der Greif, die Nacht, Co-curate, BKN, The Smell of Dust III, Fisheye, Mouvement, L’intervalle, Hunger). A book “Cosmos” was published by André Frère Editions in 2015, « I don’t want to disappear completely » with September books. And now on a third book « Except the clouds» with Void.

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All images and text © Bérangère Fromont