Fotomonday: The Other Side – by Alice Schoolcraft

With “Fotomonday“, each week we showcase the work of women photographers from around the world. Curated by our new collaborator Guillaume Tomasi.

The Other Side #10


“What began as a journey to meet an unknown side of my American family turned into a reflection of what my life could have been if I had grown up in America instead of Sweden. I found myself experiencing a second life, one that was full of beliefs and interests and ideas completely foreign to my own. Yet the bond of family together with an immeasurable amount of love provided a vehicle for me to experience an alternative version of myself that I was unaware existed. As Jessica proudly stands in front of me wearing red earmuffs and holding a machine gun with a bayonet attached, I see a distinct reflection of myself in her, and this is something I could have never expected to find.”


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Alice Schoolcraft (1993) is a half American, half Swedish, who has grown up in Sweden, Denmark and Spain.She has attended Edinburgh College of Art, Glasgow School of Art, Central Saint Martins and most recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Photographic Arts with First Class Honours at the University of Westminster in London. 

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