Hand Embroidery & Big Butts

Discover the awesome work and hand embroideries of Courtney Pryce. She’s a fiber artist, an illustrator, a photographer and the creator of Fleekaccident.



” I like bright colors, loud prints, glitter, sequins, spikes and anything leopard. I’m attracted to cute, tacky, dated and dumpy. My recent works are inspired by rap culture, fast food and big butts (because I have one). In my shop you will find a wide variety of embroidered patches, wall pieces, a few clothing items (more to come) and of course my famous “Drizzy” patch. This is just the beginning for the young Fleekaccident brand! ”

2_for_20_hoop booty_blue_beaded booty_blue_beaded_detail_ booty_blue_patch_detail booty_green_hair_detail_ booty_pink_beaded drake_patch_ fry_patch the_boy__machine_embroidered untitled

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