Illustrated Interview: Boris Biberdzic



“I’m an artist, illustrator and designer from Bosnia & Herzegovina, now living in Montreal, Canada. Although my vision and career evolve constantly, many things remain the same; my work is narrative and multifaceted.

As an artist I use my imagination to create a world to my liking, with many similarities to this one. Currently I compose with color, opacity and shapes. As an illustrator I try to give meaning to a subject through metaphor and concept while staying concise. Early on, graffiti helped me to explore visual possibilities while my graphic design education helped me develop discipline and direction. I apply my art and culture knowledge towards services such as art direction and motion design.”

– Boris




What led you to launch yourself into the world of illustration/graffiti/graphic design? 






The worst frustration that can happen to you while you work?







The artistic project or collaboration of your dreams would be…






The person you were in your early days as an artist VS. The person you’ve become today through your art






The most beautiful discovery that you’ve made through your art?







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