Interview: Alice Cloutier-Lachance



In a few words, who is Alice Cloutier-Lachance?

I am a 23-year-old photography enthusiast from Montreal who is currently living in Sydney, Australia.





What sparked your interest in photography?

When I was a kid, my dad had his own darkroom in our basement. He used to take pictures of my sister and I and developed his negatives and photos himself. Years later, while traveling through South America and Asia, my interest in photography really took off. I loved capturing portraits of people in the street, and capturing moments of everyday life that were so different to mine. When I came back home after my year abroad, I started taking pictures of my friends and slowly found my style and an aesthetic that I loved; creating a universe and a story through a series of portraits/photographs.


How would you describe your work to someone with their eyes closed?

The way I see it (because everyone sees art differently), there is a cinematic/theatrical quality to the way I take photos. I love shooting black and white because it draws the focus of the viewer to the emotions of the person in the picture or to the context. I want my photos to be a small fragment, a small piece of a much larger story. A story that everyone can interpret differently.






You are from Montreal, but currently living and working in Australia. Why did you decide to move abroad?

It was a last minute decision. I had been traveling in Asia for 4 months and was supposed to go back home and start university but it didn’t feel right. So I bought a plane ticket to Australia! I would have never thought I would still be there almost 3 years later. It’s been the most amazing experience of my life.


From my point of view, your work explores vulnerability and sensibility, which I find really beautiful and soothing. Are these subjects you like to explore? And do your own vulnerability and sensibility influences your work, if so why?

With this series and with the style of photos I usually take, I wanted the viewer to fill in the gaps of the photos with their own experiences. There is a story to tell from someone in a vulnerable situation. These photos are a sliver of a much larger story arc. Most people go through similar situations, have similar struggles and I want people to be able to relate to my pictures. I sometimes feel like the pictures I take are self-portraits in a way. I am a very sensitive person and my own experiences do influence my work.







Do you have a favorite photograph amongst your work?
I think the stand out for me is “Her Eyes Can’t Lie”. I am not too sure why, I just really like the composition of it and have good memories from that shoot. I love black and white photos, there is something so secretive and romantic about them.


What influences do people around you play?
It’s easier to pick apart other people’s relationships when you are not a part of it. Because you have an outside vision on the story, you can really observe what they are going through.






Who or what are your creative inspirations?

Art of any form inspires me—poems, photos, movies. I sometimes see a quote from a movie and then have a vision for a photo—that’s what happened with the photo of the couple in the bath.


Do you have any ongoing, or upcoming show, or project, that we can look forward to?
I am currently working on a series on relationships and people’s definitions of relationships. I would love to have my first solo exhibition in Sydney and show that series there but we will see what happens!






Alice Cloutier-Lachance is a 23 year-old photographer from Montreal, Canada. She is currently living in Sydney, Australia. 

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