Interview: Dia Takacsova

Who is Dia Takacsova?

A photographer and occasional blogger. A traveller with many stories from the road. Someone who is always questioning and trying to find out how things work, an admirer of details. The freedom of the open road, the smell of sea and a good conversation always make me happy.


From the series “Svalbard”


From the series “Svalbard”


From the series “Svalbard”

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born in Slovakia, where I am currently living.

What is your present state of mind?

In search of the next move.


From the series “Svalbard”


From the series “Slovenia”


From the series “Israel”


From the series “Israel”

You have travel quite a lot! How is that a big part of your work AND your life? ( How does your life affect your art? )

I like places that are unusual and I am curious about the world – not just as a photographer but as a person, trying to express who I am and how I see the world in my work. I believe that the combination of constant learning and this curiosity is how one grows. There is this quote by Sebastiao Salgado: Understand what you want to shoot. Understand the impact your work could have. Study what makes the world move. Dont just be a guy with a camera, because we all are.I think this says it all

From the series “The longest day”

From the series “The longest day”

From the series “To be Odessan”


From the series “Israel”

Is it important for you to combine journalism and photography in your work, like in your photo stories?

I hold MA in Mass Media Studies but I dont really feel like a journalist. I think my photography also isnt journalism alike: I see its background rather in fields like sociology or anthropology, however I would like to work on several projects with a more journalistic approach.

What accomplishment in your career are you the most proud of?

This is a tough one! I look at this rather as a mosaic of things. I am grateful to get a chance to travel to places I am interested in or to be a part of projects and meet inspiring people.

From the series “Land: Unknown”

From the series “Land: Unknown”


From the series “The longest day”

What would be the artistic project or collaboration of your dreams?

My current dream project is a road trip across Russia and also discovering even more of the far north – even though Ive been recently to Svalbard, so there are not many possibilities for farther. I would also like to work on a long term project I could turn into a book.

Recurring theme(s) in your work, or a subject that really matters to you?

Identity and how do we perceive it – as I am a part of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia, my perception of where I belong culturally stands in both of these countries and nowhere at the same time. Then also the so called New East, currently becoming more and more popular among travellers. Being born and raised in Slovakia, the exoticface of the East many of them seek is not unknown for me, and I like to go under the surface of this. And for my travel photography, I like to create a cinematic look to underline the story and atmosphere of the places I visit.

What inspired you the most recently?

This: “An Interview with Paul Gaffney on ASX

This: “Ensamble Studio Erects Structures of Landscape at Montana’s Tippet Rise Art Center

and this: “Zhao Qian Photography – offcut the edge 2014 


From the series “Land: Unknown”




From the series “Land: Unknown”

To see more of Dia’s work and read her photo series: WEBSITEINSTAGRAM