INTERVIEW: Eve Saint Jean


Can you talk briefly about who you are?

I am 21 years old. I’m from Mont-Tremblant but it’s been  few years that I’m living in Montreal.

How did you get into illustration?

I’ve always liked drawing. My parents quickly saw the passion that I had so they sent me to an art school when I was young. Later on, I studied in visual arts at the Lionel Groulx’s CEGEP. So, after having a bit of technique in painting and drawing, I started developing my own style slowly.


How does your life affect your art? And vice versa.

I can’t say that it’s really my personal life that influences my art. It’s mostly Life in general. The idea of what is Life with a capital ‘ L’. However, my art really affects my personal life because I put all my time in that and my mind never stops thinking about new ideas.

What would be the artistic project or collaboration of your dreams?

I would love to recreate in performances some of my paintings and drawings. To bring my world to life.

What are your favorite themes to explore in your work?

The anxiety of time, the nausea which inspires the mechanical character of the existence, the desire of brightness and the ignorance of the human being through feelings and colors.


Which artist aesthetic inspires you or had inspired you the most?

Basquiat, Hokusai and Schiele are the artists  that inspired me the most.

What are you working on these days?

I am now in big production of paintings for my exhibition which will be on friday, august 5th at 7pm ( 5525 de Gaspé avenue).

Your idea of creativity:

Find some different ways to say something and send messages.

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