INTERVIEW: Ivanna Besenovsky



Where are you from and where do you live now?

I grew up in a little suburb of Seattle, Washington, but was born in Vancouver, Canada, where I live now. I spent most of last year in Chile and hope to end up in South America again, probably Argentina, within the next year or so. Buenos Aires is easily the most mesmerizing city I’ve visited and I’m keen to go back and stay a while.


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What is your present state of mind?

Resilient, looking forward.


Film Photography or Digital? And why?

I find that film has a unique, tangible sort of quality which, in my experience, can’t be reproduced digitally. Shooting film eliminates the compulsivity and perfectionism that can tend to accompany the digital process, i.e. immediate scrutinization and reconfiguration to accommodate specific visual ideals. Film requires patience and pragmatism. Waiting to get negatives back, with no guaranteed quality of outcome, fosters a really healthy sense of non-attachment, acceptance. You’ve gotta be okay with a whole roll just being garbage; that happens sometimes, but you just keep shooting, working.


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What would be the artistic project or collaboration of your dreams?

There are many, but I’m fascinated by the idea of spending time in Slovakia, where my dad’s family is from, and the neighbouring region to document what’s illuminated by the post-communist experience, highlight the people, landscape, and spiritual endurance there. I’m actually getting my Slovak citizenship soon, so it could be possible to see that project through in the near future, fingers crossed.


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Recurring theme(s) in your work, or a subject that really matters to you?



What inspired you the most recently?

Trusting my intuition and just looking, noticing, seeing.





Ivanna Besenovsky is a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her work has most recently been featured by VICE, AEVOE, and The Ladies Network. See more of her work here: INSTAGRAM

See more of her work here: INSTAGRAM