Interview: Sanja Marusic


First, can you talk a bit about yourself?
I’m 24 years old. My father is from Croatia and my mother from Amsterdam (where I was born).
I grew up in a small village outside the city and now I’m back in Amsterdam again. I studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in Hague and graduated 2 years ago.

Your present state of mind:

I was talking to my boyfriend about moving plans. He’s in a band and he just told me he wanted to move to London for a year. So I’m a bit confused and excited at the same time, will I go with him? And how do I find work over there? A big adventure is coming ahead.


What’s your usual creative process?
I just get a vague idea, like “I want to do something with a glitter outfit in nature.” Then I borrow my boyfriend’s band bus and we go drive around looking for good locations. Sometimes I go to a thriftstore first to find crazy stuff and just play around. When it comes to personal work, I often do crazy stuff like dancing around on top of a mountain on a cold rainy day, with blue paint all over me! Creating images is an instinct for me.

When did you first start taking photos?

When I was 14 or 15, with a simple compact camera. This is when I started uploading stuff on Flickr and Girls Forums.


Recurring theme(s) in your work:
Wide and desolate landscapes, the colors blue and red, moving, travelling, the feeling of being small compared to nature…

Where do you feel at peace and inspired?
When I’m in nature.

I have to say that I’m simply in love with the ‘’Moonscape Island’’ series! Can you tell us a little more about it?
When I’m in Holland for a long time and can’t wait to see the rest of the world, I always feel a bit locked down. So, last january, I got the idea of going away from home and escape the winter. I searched for warm islands close to my place because I didn’t have that much money, and this is when I found Lanzarote. It’s a volcanic island with a surrealistic landscape and I immediately knew that I had to go there! This is where I made the series of self-portraits inspired by the landscape of the island.


The most beautiful thing you saw  recently

Today I found an image of the salt flats in Bolivia and I almost wanted to cry. I really want to go there. You have to google it. It looks like another planet.

Future projects or ideas?

Going to London. And also, I’m just finishing a new series that I am shooting analogue and that I’ll manipulate digitally. A completely new thing for me.


Your idea of creativity:
I cannot speak about creativity itself in general. But the most interesting thing about creativity is  the process that is so different for every artist.

Which artist aesthetic inspires you the most?  David Hockney

MoonscapeIsland07-1400x931 MoonscapeIsland06-1400x931 MoonscapeIsland17-1400x931 MoonscapeIsland14-1400x931


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