Interview with Benjamin Altmejd – the Life-Loving ADD Painter

Benjamin Altmejd is a young Canadian artist in the making, currently residing in his hometown Montreal. His minimal post-pop paintings are recognizable by the use of a vivid palette and hard graphic lines & his style is mainly influenced by early 2000’s cartoon artists.


In a few words, who is Benjamin Altmejd?

A life-loving ADD painter. Some people call me the Booty God.



What sparked your interest in painting? How did you start?

I got into painting after completing my bachelor in marketing and realizing I did not want to pursue in that industry. I was lost and had never taken the time to ask myself what I really wanted to do. It helped me a lot to learn about myself, I couldn’t think about doing anything else.

I started painting 3 summers ago at my best friend’s place after a night out. He had some equipment lying around, and we painted while waiting for some pizza. A week later, we started our little painting club with another friend. We would meet after work and paint by the terrace. I bought my own brushes and started on my own the next day.



If your art could speak, what would it say?

To not take everything too seriously. To loosen up and open your mind.


Your work is quite colorful and vivid, while picturing the woman sensuality and lots of body parts. What is it about colors, pop culture and the human body that influences your work and why?

I just love the woman’s body. It’s more interesting to draw for me than the man’s body, it has more curves and shapes. For colors, I try to refer to my icons growing up, I’ve always been attracted to the bright-colored early 2000s cartoons aesthetic.

I often work around the relation we have with human bodies, sex, and desires. I love turning these things that might be provocative and vulgar to some, into the most innocent and cute possible. I try to give sex a refreshing taste from all existing clichés.



What is your favorite painting amongst your work?

“Anastasia” is my favorite painting so far. It’s a multi-layered portrait of my girlfriend based on four pictures I took of her. The colors represent a mix of all her favorite ones.



What influences do the people around you play? 

Everyone around me has been incredibly supportive. It drives me and makes me want to learn more. They are the main reason why I am studying in art right now.


Who or what are your creative inspirations?

Piet Parra is the first artist who really made me want to draw correctly. I always get more creative when I have changes in my daily life.



What are you grateful for so far this year?

To be able to invest myself entirely on my craft and to have the most wonderful lover.


Do you have any ongoing or upcoming show or project that we can look forward to?

No shows right now, but I’m experimenting with new tools and mediums. I rather show than tell so stay tuned, I mainly post on my Instagram @altmejd.





See more of his work: