Jin – Jiyan – Azadi: Women, Life, Freedom – A powerful series on the female Kurdish Fighters

” The land can not be free when woman are not free. ”

A series by Sonja Hamad

Gulan, 19, Zerya, 18, and Zilan, 17 years old (from left to right). Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan

”Approximately one third of all Kurdish fighters in Rojava ( Northern Syria ) and North Iraq are women. Unafraid of death and fulfilled by their passion for their homeland and their love for their families and people, these women muster up the courage to face the heavily armed IS in Syria and North Irak. One of their most recent victories includes the recapturing of the City of Kobane in northern Syria from the IS.”

Jihan, 25 years old. Kobani, Rojava – Northern Syria

”The IS stands for an ideological world-view according to which women are seen as inhumane beings without rights and freedom. It is in this context that the IS approves the most direct, extreme, and crass forms of patriarchy, sexism, and feudalism.”

Pointless. Tal Hamas, Rojava – Northern Syria

Two stand still. Kobani, Rojava – Northern Syria

Zilan, 19 years old. Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan

”Behind the trees is slightly hidden the museum of the martyrs in the Kandil mountains. Hundred meters away is the well-known and most beautiful martyr cemetery of the Kurdish fighters.”

Diljin, 21 years old. Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan

The space between. Kobani, Rojava

” In the twilight, the wounds of the liberated city of Kobani appear almost soft. After the attacks by the Islamic State, the tattered buildings breath a melancholic quietness that reminds even more emphatically of the destruction. ”


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