Know Where by Wara Bullôt

A brilliant series by Wara Bullôt, photographer from Bangkok and now based in Auckland, New Zealand.

” While nature is the basis of human existence, the design and construction of the built environment determines how we interpret and, in turn, interact with our surroundings. The complex and co-existing relationship between nature and our built environment is ambiguous and needs reconsideration. This has led me to explore how the transitions of our built environment over time impact the way we see and perceive our own surroundings and consequently, the world. ” – Wara Bullôt


know-where-031 know-where-11 know-where-09 know-where-08 know-where-06 know-where-07 know-where-05 know-where-02-670x535 know-where-04 know-where-01-670x535

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