Landscape divided by Elena Cremona


Landscape Divided is a photographic experimentation through the medium of collages by exploring the notion of transforming a photograph into an object, as well as visualizing the way in which landscapes can be disrupted to build a narrative. 
 -Elena Cremona


This series aims to produce a juxtaposition of a nostalgic feeling towards nature and the deconstruction of landscape that has been shaped by human interference, attempting to disrupt the idealized and romantic view of nature.

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Through Elena Cremona’s environmental landscape photography, she highlights the power of photography and its ability to expose certain aspects that viewer’s might not see otherwise, such as the terrifying beauty of our ever-changing landscape, the destruction of our earth and the ideas of the Sublime. It is the contemporary version of the Sublime Elena finds compelling, a strange beauty born of environmental degradation.

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Elena Cremona is a landscape and environmental photographer born in 1991 to an Italian father and a German mother, with a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography from the prestigious Arts University Bournemouth. Her work centers around social documentary, environmental portraiture and landscape reportage; Often experimenting with a variety of abstracttechniques in their formulation. Underlying notions within the work is the exploration of distant memories and the feeling of Nostalgia, as well as increasing problematic social and environmental issues such as the destruction of nature and its irreplaceable landscapes.