Time for bright colors

“Aark Collective creates timepieces inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty. I created seven images for their brand, all inspired by the monotonous—yet beautiful—day-to-day habits we take for granted. Each image is a monochromatic, standalone setting that conveys a specific time of day. The color assigned to each image reflects a specific hour: dawn, morning, noon, evening, or midnight. Each image is representative of one moment, and the story is broken down into 7 chronological moments.” – Leta Sobierajski


This series is such a perfect way to start your day when your eyes are still glued together and you don’t want to face the shitty weather. I think I’m going to print some of them for my bedroom walls.


By Leta Sobierajski,
Designer & Art director,
Brooklyn, NY.


To see more of Leta’s wild world :  Behance – Instagram – Website