Marz marz x ANALOG/MTL


Tell us a little bit more about you.

I wish I was a writer so I could compose an interesting artist statement but helas, I am an introvert who is bad with words yet not too shabby behind a camera and what I cannot express with words or speech I use the medium of photography to convey my personality and interests. Behind Marz marz is a person that was born in Mexico but grew up in Montreal. 

Why analog?

I love shooting film because of the whole experience that it provides, good or bad. I like the smell of fresh new rolls, the sound and tactile feeling of inserting them in the cameras. Besides the materiality of shooting analogue, it is the experience during shoots that I like the most. It doesn’t necessarily slow me down because if I could, I would shoot 20 rolls in an hour. But since starting using film, my behavior did change in terms of me being present in the moment and to be curious of my surroundings and the people I interact with.

Your favourite photo that you’ll present at ANALOG/MTL ?


Marz est l’un des onze photographes invités à la deuxième édition de ANALOG/MTL. Organisée par AYE MAG, cette exposition éphémère de photographie argentique aura lieu au Matahari Loft, le 29 avril prochain.