Minimal Body – by Toby Zeng

“Minimal Body” is a study of the human form using color, shape, composition, and light.




Rather than focusing on the entire body, Toby chooses to pay attention to the small details that often go unnoticed. Using the camera and the frame, Toby recontextualizes the human body and captures individual components. By doing this, his photos surprise the viewers by presenting a different way to observe the beauty of the body. Unlike traditional portrait photography that captures the whole person, Toby’s scope is on the details and parts of a person. Looking at a piece of the puzzle, rather than the whole body. Toby’s goal is to highlight and preserve the small and unobtrusive sight of the human body.




Toby Zeng was born in Beijing, China in 1998. At the age of 14, he moved to a boarding school located in California in a small town called Ojai. His passion for photography started to blossom during his sophomore year when he began taking photos with his iPhone.
In 2016, Toby started taking photos with a professional camera to shoot projects rather than take random photos. This drastically improved his photography practice. Toby will study in Bard College under the photo department in 2018.
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