Monse Muro & Peter Hostak x ANALOG/MTL

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Tell us a little bit more about you and The Wheel Club photo series.

We come from nearly opposite backgrounds. I am from colourful and chaotic Mexico City, and Peter is from a quiet mountain town in Slovakia. The Wheel Club represents the epitome of the North American culture that we had seen in films and had imagined while growing up abroad. The approach through which we decided to photograph our subjects came due to our shared interest in documentary photography. This project is our first collaboration in photography, although we have collaborated in the past on short films.

Your favourite photo that you’ll present at ANALOG/MTL ?

We don’t have a preference for one particular photograph. While taking the portraits we developed a relationship to each person, rather than a picture we see the story of each individual character.

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Part of the series ‘The Wheel Club’

Why analog?

We chose to work with analog film for a couple of reasons. Other than for its aesthetic qualities, texture, dynamic range and colour space, we chose this medium in order to limit ourselves and to not be distracted by looking back at our material on the display. We wanted to focus on the moment and on the person in front of the camera. The equipment we used, which dates back to the 60’s, also brought a sense of wonder from our subjects, since most of them hadn’t seen a camera like the RB67 since their « good old days ». Establishing boundaries and working with less options, is something that we find helps us narrow down our intention, while stimulating our creativity. We even limited ourselves to only two frames per character.

Monse et Peter sont des photographes invités à la deuxième édition de ANALOG/MTL. Organisée par AYE MAG, cette exposition éphémère de photographie argentique aura lieu au Matahari Loft, le 29 avril prochain.