Palm Springs: Retro Vibes all over – By Magali Rack

Explore the town of Palm Springs through Magali Rack’s film photography. 


About Magali Rack

My dad worked for Pentax and built cameras in Montreal before they closed and he initiated me with my first film camera, a Pentax K1000, which I still shot with Today. I enjoy shooting film because you only have a few shots, so you take time to evaluate the frame, the exposure, the subject…how you want to shoot your picture. You also take time to appreciate the moment because you aren’t bursting away hoping for a good shot. It’s kind of meditative and you are enjoying the present moment at the same time… 

Because of my art history background, I really enjoy and understand all artistic movements, whether it be painting, architecture or even a social movement. The camera allows me to freeze a moment that to me defines a society, a place or an era. I love how you can understand history in many ways, through art or architecture. Beauty is everywhere, if you take the time to look around and appreciate it.  



About her passion for travel and photography

I first started shooting a lot while traveling. My favorite thing to do is to explore a city with no agenda and walk into the random side streets where most people won’t even turn their heads. That is where I always discover the coolest things, whether it’s street art or a person I’ll meet in that random bar and become best friend’s with for the day.

I’ve always had a passion for vintage aesthetics. When I saw a picture of mid-century homes in Palm Springs, I kind of became obsessed and discovered the whole city was kind of stuck in the 50’s (PLUS, it is surrounded by the desert). It was the first time I dedicated a whole trip to photography. I packed my bags, rented a little yellow convertible beetle and left to explore this open-air living museum of architecture and wildlife.



About Palm Springs

For most people, Palm Springs is just an old looking resort town. It used to attract vacationers like Frank Sinatra and Marlene Dietrich but Today is mostly known for attracting thousands of dress alike girls heading to Coachella. To me, this desert town is the most interesting/mind-blowing place I’ve been too in my life. And I’ve traveled approximately 20 countries… It’s a historical and ecological wonder. In Palm Springs, everything is thought to be esthetic. The way the trees are trimmed, the way the streets are paved. There are cool geometric shapes everywhere, incredible mid-century modern homes and then everywhere you look, you are surrounded by spectacular mountains and canyons. 

Anyhow, the nostalgic person that I am would immensely recommend all the nostalgic out there to head to Palm Springs and feel like you’re living in another time, or world. 


This trip was also a statement to myself reminding me to live for your passions and to get out there and do what you love. 


About Rack galerie 

Rack galerie is a project I started when I opened a venue with a friend after graduating from university and no one would give us a job because we didn’t have any experience. It turned out to be a three-story cultural venue / art gallery / piano bar. Then life happened, we decided to close the venue and I kept Rack galerie alive by using the brand as a visual platform for my art and services. It regroups everything I do… I am kind of all over the place and do art directing, styling, photography and build websites… It’s where I showcase my work and give myself the right to explore whatever fields I want to explore, because I believe this is how you end up finding the right path for you and live your best life! 




Magali Rack is a photographer, art director and content creator. She also loves to put words on inspiring photographs she took around the world.

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