Soak – by Montreal-based photographer Sonia Bazar

In  Soak, water is approached as a means and a symbol of purification.


“In many religions, we are bathed when we enter this world and when we leave it. There are rituals where water purifies the soul and cleanses the body. Bathing becomes social because it is ritual, and vice versa. However, water, much like our concept of purity, is a distorter. Legs, arms and faces look as though they are seen in a funhouse mirror. Human relationships are layered on top of symbols and distortions. Soak is meant to be realized in a series of slow motion black and white video instillations, and black and white large format photographs.”


“The models asked to participate in these photos and videos have strong emotional connections: best friends who live together, an older brother and his sisters, mothers and their daughters. Theses poses attempt to capture the essence of their relationships.”


“Their vulnerabilities are seen and filtered through this element, since water makes us intimate; we show as much of our bodies as we are comfortable showing while bathing with others. We are all vulnerable in water, connected by water.”


Sonia Bazar lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.
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