Solution – by Polly Washington



It’s impossible to percept Nature without humanity and all the influence that was exerted on it. United symbiosis of people’s and Nature’s art represents a new sort of Universe architecture.

-Polly Washington




” ‘Solution’ is an attempt to focus on ordinary details around us, get through their meaning and accept it’s beauty. We used to percept Nature only in it’s “virgin” condition without paying any attention on fact we’ll already changed it, transformed. Our environment is a combination of everything we’ve built, destroyed in nature.

‘Solution’ invites you to change the angle of your view and see what will happen. After worshiping Nature as something that should be protected from humanity, we learn to see it living together. It’s not about judging or justifying how people deal with the environment, but only contemplation.”





Polly is a 25 year old photographer.

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