Spitting butterflies – Interview with Mind Bath

Mind Bath is a vocalist, producer, and performer whose first full-length LP “Baby You Can Free Your Mind” will be out on may 31, 2019.

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I feel you pay tribute to the girls and boys of your life in this new album. Is there a directing line behind of it all ?

Ya 100% – this album is about the gay love and femme friendships in my life. Which sounds blissful but the world for me and my loved ones was so heavy while i made it. I went inside myself for a long long time to face my demons and come out spitting my butterfly metaphors and being more joyful. I’m so sensitive and have experienced a lot of pain, so I don’t think the practice of feeling peace can ever end for me, but I’m starting here. The album became about freeing your mind because I’ve been telling the truth on these songs since day one and that’s the truth it brought me.

I want this album to bring my physical body all over the world so I can see what i’m bringing to the scene. I want to meet people and hug people and get off instagram and connect.

What is it you want to bring to the music scene with this new Album?

I want this album to bring my physical body all over the world so I can see what i’m bringing to the scene. I want to meet people and hug people and get off instagram and connect. Also, a fan who works as a sound healer recently told me she’d broken down some of my songs and they sit within the vibration and frequency ranges meant for healing. I love that.

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You have been all over in the recent years. Was your music influenced, changed or inspired by new cultural currents? Can we find some Berlin, New-York and Montreal tints in your music?

Yessss I think I’d be making some pretty basic music if I’d never left home in BC. Berlin made me bad, NY made me sexy and Montréal made me put my head down and do the necessary work for my music career and my spirit.

Photo credit © Forever
Photo credit © Forever

Pop culture comes with it’s sugar coated happy side, an happily ever after discourse that has a backstory of creating the mainstream standards (and the not so happily ever after pressure of following those standards). Queer culture, on the other hand, has rooted it’s discourse as an alternative thinking process. The community is now proudly chanting ‘out of the line IS in line’. Pop is, yet slowly but surely (and finally) following this chant.

Vive la underground, queer, independent, alternative, experimental, anti-capitalist, DIY.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there are still some huge dichotomies between the queer and pop cultures. Somehow your music is a great blend of pop and alternative sounds emerging from both cultures. How do you think you are able to achieve this confluence. Is it something you want people to acknowledge? Would you say you have this desire to break standards or is it something that’ll happen beyond your desire?

I think this blend is just me following my authentic voice and influences. I’m gay and I love eclectic sound so that’s my output, but I grew up singing Beyoncé, Janet, Britney, etc. I walk that really fun path as well. I hope to make people feel lots of things and if pop nostalgia is one of them, sick.

As a white guy, I’m really not breaking any ground by being publicly gay or femme. If someone sees me that way I think it reflects a very base level understanding of queerness in them, and I’m happy to make them question their norm. What would be groundbreaking is for me to remain humble, ever learning, and a true loving ally to disenfranchised artists/people. Aaron Philip, Munroe Bergdorf, Indya Moore – groundbreaking!

How much are you ready to stand for the queer culture? Do you feel like we need ambassadors for it? Do you think you could be an ambassador of it ?

I think any queer person is naturally an ambassador and an activist in some way. How vocal you want to be about it depends on your safety and mental health. I’m blessed to say I’ve felt very safe and supported and loved as a gay man, so I will always stand for the culture and queer rights. 

I can’t help but wonder what was the genesis of your singing. I mean beyond the singing career. Your music brings that feeling of proximity that allows us to imagine what could be a shower singing moment for you.

Haha busted, I’m so that boy. The shower is opening night of your world tour.

Directors. Thomas Archambault and Anne Bertrand
Costume design. Lucas Larochelle
Beauty. Jesse Tylo as well

Mind Bath, your voice is soft, sometimes almost whispered, your presence is grounded and confident. In the Scorpio video, you’re voice seems to be the protagonist whereas your body shines seen yet from far. Is your shining self a reference to the solar system in an astrological context?

Wow, I’ve never thought of how the LED suit could reference the stars and zodiac constellations. I’m kinda shook, it seems so obvious. *updates artist statement.

Your dance is organic and complements well the electronic grain of the music. There is also a strong theatrical value to your performance. The simplicity of the performance gives space to the lyrics and the song itself. You’re obviously stating questions that come with a relationship; when two personalities are juxtaposed. Can you tell us more about the song story?

Scorpio is the first song I ever wrote, or at least recorded and finished. I’d stayed up all night partying in an airstream in the middle of a BC orchard and wrote the lyrics on the grass in the morning. I wish writing was always like that. It’s about the competing truths and desires in the scorpionic mind when facing romantic love – topped off with some words about my friend’s hot brother I’d been partying with. Lyrically it’s really beautiful and I’m glad you can hear what I’m saying. In the past I’ve hid behind a lot of effect on my songs but I wanted to be up front in the mix with this album, a real debut. Ouri produced this new version of an old song and really scored the poetry perfectly.

Would you say astrology offers you a good vantage point on people? How much space do you give astrology in your life?

Astrology is a way to get to know yourself better and see yourself in others, aka build compassion. for me it’s spiritual guidance and things to meditate on. We all need to evolve. and so scorpios are naturally intense and moody and secretive but when I look deeper into my chart and follow the signs, I find my destiny to be vulnerability and an open heart. To be a healer through my creativity and a generous lover/friend. I don’t give it thaaat much space in my daily life to be honest, but have learnt some seriously valuable shit from friends who do. I’m channeling my scorpio passion and intensity into beauty for the world. I’m drawn to scorpio guys for this intensity too.

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Mind Bath is a vocalist, producer, and performer. In a small town in the BC Rockies his young vision was able to flourish in nature’s solitude before potent years moving around between Vancouver, Berlin, NYC, and Montréal. Mind Bath is the result of a patient slow burn and scorpionic experimentation. The music is an evocative balance of poetry, far out beats, and intimate vocals.

Mind Bath’s second solo release and first full-length LP is out on may 31st 2019. ‘Baby You Can Free Your Mind’ is a powerful collection of recordings featuring friends and collaborators Ouri, Forever, Project Pablo, Aiya, Fariha Roisin, and Jeremiah Klein – mixed/mastered by Matthew Otto (Majical Cloudz). His latest single “Flower Tattoo” premiered on Jamz Supernova’s BBC Radio 1Xtra.

This fresh new release is the second single from the LP and keeps the pace of his much lauded romance drenched “Siempre” – the first single and video dubbed “tender, shimmering downtempo R&B” by The Fader. Consistently praised for his unique sound, Mind Bath is carving out space in the music industry for vulnerability and fluid love.


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