Still Life In Movement – By Jamie Knowlton



A reclamation of the body as new object, still life, and point of political protest.






I am drawn to the relationship between objects, the dynamic interstitial space that two objects create, bounce and dwell in. The images are interpretable and can be viewed as activism, erotic exploration, spatial aesthetic, etc. I am especially drawn to the moment of tension that is created when two things are pulled apart or drawn in to meeting. 





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Jamie Knowlton works and resides in Portland, OR. She’s worked with photo and film for nearly a decade and has been published online as well as in numerous magazines. Previously living in Austin, TX and Denver, CO, she is most inspired by spatial aesthetics, life-size dioramas, DIY culture, and plants. She views the body as a major political point of change and her latest work strives to explore that, reappraising the concept of body as object and incorporating the body into a moving still life.

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