Sweet As, by George Voronov

“The fact that everybody in the world dreams every night ties all mankind together.”

 - Jack Kerouac, Book of Dreams

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“Youth in itself is really just another form of dream. While in this transitory state, we are less inhibited by the restrictions of the real. We do not know where it begins nor where it ends. We are often confused and unsure of our surroundings, yet we find ourselves with a freedom to roam and a burning desire to explore. The sheer mysterious energy of being young can cause disruptions in the fabric of normality that bubble up into tiny explosions of the fantastic.”



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“These moments, while different for all, are universal in their ability to inspire oneself to question whether one is awake. Sweet as is a collection of such moments. It is a long-term documentary photography project that follows a group of friends through their youth, from the very first time they meet, through their many adventures and onward to the inevitability of growing up, moving apart, and waking from their shared dream. Much in the same way that we struggle to piece together a dream having just woken up, Sweet as attempts to weave together illusory flashes of a dream-like past into a hazy memory. It is a story that is told in fragments––remnants of emotions and sensations that yearn to speak to universal experiences of being young.”



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“While this is undoubtedly a deeply personal story, the ambiguity in its narrative ask for its themes to be extrapolated out to a wider, general level. Framing the project in this way can allow others to find parts of themselves, part of their youth, and part of their dream in that of others. For a passing instant, one can reflect on the blitheness, the mischief, and the ignorant bliss of being young.” 

– George Voronov




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George Voronov is a fine-art and editorial photographer based in Dublin. 
This selection of photographs is part of his upcoming book project called "Sweet as". 
Check out more of his work here: WEBSITE - INSTAGRAM