The 52 weeks project

52 weeks is an online curated selection of work by Maria Wallace, a Berlin-based artist. Released every Tuesday, it started on January 2015, and continuing until December 31st, 2015



”52 weeks started out as a personal test to push me to make as much new work as possible. The way the project is set up also gives me some room to curate my own work rather than having each image separate, which isn’t how i see the world and it doesn’t make much sense for me. People seem to think it must be a chronological photo diary but actually it mixes work that is a bit older with very new stuff, as well as multiple different locations. ”
”I like the freedom of making a small narrative of a few photographs each week. Of course each narrative has a large portion of truth, with sometimes the addition of a small fiction. ”


”For example, week 8 includes a picture of a girls legs in huge pile of dirt with some images of a family watching a spectacle and then two images of a car, one from close up and the other from far away. For me this narrative is very mundane with a small twist.
It becomes frightening with the addition of the first image. Why is she half buried? What is the family looking at? What was the car used for? Each of these images was an instance of reality and together they make a new story.”









Check out her work and follow the rest of the project on her portfolio