The Amazon rainforest through the colourful lens of Elsa Leydier

Photo Series: De Braços verdes e olhos cheios de asas

Through the process of construction and deconstruction of images representing the region of the Amazon, this work is an attempt to explore not a territory, but its visual representations.


I revisited images (vernacular and press images that contribute to the construction of the imaginary of the place, along with photographs I took while experiencing the Amazon territory), and re-inserted them in a flux of montages, collages, and plastic interventions. The image of the Amazon then appears as a visual construction, made of fragments extracted from glossy magazines pages and from an everyday-life paced by the rhythm of the flows of the Rio Negro and the Amazon River. My goal here wasn’t to represent the Amazon itself, neither to invite the viewer to get himself immersed into the greenery of the Amazon, but on the contrary to remind him the surfaces of its representations, and its images as construct, often fantasized.

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Elsa was born in 1988, France. She now lives and works between Lyon (France) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

In her photographic work, she aims to interrogate images that are used to define places and territories. Through the act of collage, and encounters between different types of images, she tries to reveal the weakness and paradoxes carried by the images that aim to represent territories. She tries to show them from different points of view than the usual ones, and to create visual representations of places interrogate that tell other stories than the dominant ones.

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