The daily slammer: treeplanters, wilderness and community

I have been working on The Daily Slammer for several years. It all started in Mexico around a beer, when my friend FX Désilets gave me the idea of doing a blog. The idea became sort of an obsession over the years: how to transform my regular work as a tree planter into art work?

— Marie-Catherine


Tree planting is a very intense activity and it sometimes feel like there are nothing else in the outside world. It’s a world on its own, a micro society that is created for a couple of months in the middle of the woods. It’s a thing that city people don’t really know about and i wanted to share with them. Sometimes, it feels like we are going to war, because the conditions are so extremes, but we are all going to war TOGETHER. The Daily Slammer is a platform for treeplanters to share their work and their art in order to give all of us a sense of community.



Marie-Catherine Massie is a photographer from Montreal. After completing studies in cinema at the University of Montreal, she embarked on a discovery of the world. She is mainly interested in humans, in what is most raw. The portrait is for her a way of introducing oneself into the world of the subject and revealing its smallest details. The photographer is trying to understand the world around her through this means of expression. Marie-Catherine has developed a passion for black and white. She likes to use the analogical method, since this medium allows her to better know the subject, to better capture and respect the essence.

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