The Womanhood Project



  • the state or condition of being a woman.
  • women considered collectively.

Through a series of interviews and portraits WOMANHOOD explores different aspects and complex issues related to womanhood with a more intimate view.

All kinds of women opened up on their realities and talked about gender, motherhood, abuse, mental health, abortion, menstruation, body hair and much more. Each of them were photographed in their own environment depicting who they really are in the most personal and natural way possible.

These women are on a journey of self-discovery. WOMANHOOD aims to give them a safe space to share their own reflection on the deep and beautiful subject that is womanhood. The project also stems from the need to break from the constant flow of pictures only suggesting the desirability and the objectification of ‘perfect’ women.

This project was exclusively shot on film.

One portrait published each week HERE

Project created by Cassandra Cacheiro & Sara Hini

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