Way to blue by Sanja Marusic

An experimental research on the intuitively use of colours in digital manipulated, analogue, black and white photo’s.

-Sanja Marusic

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‘Way to blue’ visualises a journey of individuals through alienating wide landscapes. While they travel, the landscape transforms: from a dark and mystical place into a more and more surreal, colourful and abstract fantasy world. From grey toclear blue skies.

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Dutch-Croatian photographer Sanja Marušić’s approach towards the medium of photography is both energetic and experimental. Her collages, avant-garde dressed models embedded within futuristic landscapes, create a surreal and alienating effect. The aloof (and sometimes even off focus) themes found within her work, are to some extent mirrored in her character.
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Sanja deconstructs personalities to rebuild them with photography. Throughout this process, she aims to find and pin point that subtle yet defining element that distinguishes each individual.

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Sanja Marusic
1991, Amsterdam
Represented by Flatland Gallery & Unspoken Agency
Sanja Marušić received the honorable award from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, in 2013, and was nominated in three categories for the Photo Academy Award 2013. In 2009 she received the 1st prize for fashion photography from Elle Magazine, and in 2010 the 2nd prize in fashion photography from Hollands Diep, a public intellectual magazine. She has worked for the likes of Elle, Vice Mag, Prestage Magazine, Pup Magazine, PS, Hollands Diep, Glamcult, Vogue online and Vrij Nederland.